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Sentrigue International Shopping Tours – Services for Entrepreneurs

At Sentrigue International Shopping Tours, we believe in creating opportunities. We will work with you as an aspiring business individual to help you make more money while also supporting the Asian and African economies.

Finding the right options for investment and establishing a business in another country can be a challenging task. Sentrigue International Shopping Tours offers business tours in the Asian and African markets. With these tours, Sentrigue offers a model that helps jumpstart the careers of more entrepreneurs in the Asian and African markets, while also giving foreign investors access to some incredible business opportunities.

Global Product & Service Sourcing, Networking & Fun

Sentrigue Presents Escorted International Shopping Tours for Entrepreneurs

Sentrigue, a global business consulting agency, will offer a new market for entrepreneurs (with the intent to make money) to shop for merchandise, manufacturers, and trade and investment opportunities from around the world; more specifically Africa, Asia, North America, and the Caribbean.

A Number of Incredible Benefits

There are an incredible number of rewarding benefits when traveling with Sentrigue International Shopping Tours. We save our customers time and money, helping them find the best options when traveling overseas with packages that provide an incredible value.

With our guidance, it’s possible to connect with the individuals you need to purchase and manufacture goods in foreign markets. Additionally, we will be there to guide you and offer assistance in these foreign markets, helping you make even more money than you ever dreamed possible.

Sentrigue International Shopping Tours offers more than a dream vacation. We offer the chance of a lifetime – to begin growing and developing a profitable business in some of the world’s most dynamic and emerging marketplaces.


Benefits of Sentrigue Shopping Tours

  • Product Development
  • Private Labeling Opportunities
  • Access to Global Trading Partners
  • Increase Domestic International Business Networking Opportunities
  • Leverage the International Marketplace
  • Source New and Interesting Products
  • Make your Products Present in the International Market Scene
  • Locate Significant Markets in Dynamic and Emerging Economies
  • Product Line Expansion
  • Cultural Experience

What Makes Us Different

There are many things that make Sentrigue International Shopping Tours different than other similar businesses offering shopping tours on the market. We have a sole focus on international shopping tours for entrepreneurs and resellers and work closely with our clients to help give them the best experience possible from their trip through every business tour with us to every business transaction they make.

It’s important to us for our clients to build their brands without the high costs and capital that often come with international business transactions. This is a large part of why founder Dawn Anderson and co-founder Ingrid Smalls-Briggs have made Sentrigue International Shopping Tours so efficient and effective for their clients.

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